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NorthWest Ohio Small Business Services, Inc, began life in 1998 as a way of helping Toledo-area business professional with their office workflow and staffing issues. Today, 24 years later, our we help budding entrepreneurs make their online business ideas real. Sometimes people need expand a physical business into a profitable online presence–we can make that happen quickly, inexpensively, and simply. Additionally, some people will want to expand their small bookshop to a major Amazon storefront, and we can help. Or perhaps you are a hand-soap hobbyist with dreams of your OWN online store. (Your store–where Etsy is only one of a dozen marketing and sales funnels.)

We help people, just like you, climb out of the endless cycle of unsatisfying and low-paying jobs.

Almost everyone has an idea for an online business they would like. Additionally, some people already have a physical gig that could REALLY benefit from a strong online presence. We can build your web pages, tweak the SEO, link together the various sales funnels, and help you be self-sustaining within a year. We can help you focus who your target audience is, and reach them.

We can even automate the billing and delivery of digital goods, and automate most of the shipping.

Working at a cafe
No one wants to be tied to an office… or a cubicle.

Whatever help you need, we can probably supply. Use this contact form, and we will get back to you be the end of the next business day.

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