The FREE Website Offer!

We are choosing ONE local business to set up a professional website for. The website will be provided for free.

No hidden fees, no hidden anything. We will create it for you, for… again, free.

The website will give you the ability to upload images and promotional texts as easily as you upload text and photos to Facebook. But from there, it gets super fancy–your posted text and image(s) will then spool out to relevant social media sites (7-10 is the usual number) and post automatically.

Let me give you a for example of what that means–you upload your latest recipe of Mama Mabel’s Barbecued Pineapple Chicken Wings made with “Mama Mabel’s Medium Hot Pineapple Sauce”, along with a few photos of the dish, and the happy face of someone eating one of the wings. That recipe, story text, and images are automatically sent out to the Mama Mabel’s accounts and pages on:

Facebook (Profile and pages)
Instagram Business


And BOOM! With one post you have marketed your product, and brand, not only on your website, but on 13 others. And as all of those sites lead back to your website, you have 13 sales funnels leading back to your website. And, yes, we can set up a storefront on the page so you can sell your products online when the customers come in, anxious to purchase that Hot Pineapple Sauce.

Oh, and because they are showing up hungry for that sauce, they may be tempted to order others that you have for offer.

Now, don’t think this is only going to work for Mama Mabel and other food sauces–this can work for a tree trimming service (post pictures of hard jobs and beautiful results), tie-dye clothing (pictures galore!), massage therapy (weekly articles on the benefits of weekly massages or training posts on how to give a good massage), aroma therapy products(opportunities to talk about each and every product).

Almost any business that deals in multiple products or service locations would benefit from this kind of sales funnel website.

In order to increase the number of sales, you need to increase the number of people who are aware of your product or service!

The fine print: If you do not already have your own domain name, you will need to get one–those are about $20 a year. Once the site is done, it is yours to take and find a hosting company to place it on, and you are responsible for any fees said hosting company would charge to migrate and maintain your website. (Yes, NWOSBS does provide hosting, but I don’t want anyone to think this is an attempt to lock you into our hosting–we will gladly hand off the entire site to any company you choose.) Also, if you want any add-on modules that you have seen on a website and really want, like an specific interactive customer service bot the has a $49 a year license, you have to pay for that license.

Why are we doing this?

Publicity of what we can do–how our products and services can increase your bottom line with minimal extra effort on your part. To that end, you have to agree that if you use our website design, we get to place at the bottom of the homepage a statement that we created it, and as long as you use what we created, that credit remains on the homepage. Also, we reserve the right to maintain a functioning copy of the website we deliver to you on our servers to act as a promotional piece, and to avoid confusion, we reserve the right to denote the fact that our showcase copy of the website is a copy.

And of course, we will be telling the entire world about the great site we built for you, and will be referring people to it.

A CAVEAT! This kind of site is WASTED on people who are not going to be doing a minimum of 2-3 posts per week, with 5-7 being better. It is a dynamic site designed to pull in new customers, create buzz, and build a following. It is NOT a “set it and forget it” website. You don’t NEED to post anything to keep it running, but to not do so would be like buying a new sports car and then keeping it in the garage under a tarp… with boxes piled on top of it.

Also, we reserve the right to modify or cancel this offer as needed.

How to apply? Fill out this form:

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