Are you YouTube or TikTok Ready?

NWOSBS, Inc. has several projects in mind that need people who are comfortable being on YouTube or TikTok in the role of influencer. Some of these roles involve reviewing various food products, while others vary from posting opinions and insights to giving advice.

What is important: You are genuine, enthusiastic, and outgoing.

What is NOT important: Gender, sex, looks, orientation, ideologies, political views, or just about anything else that might have been used to limit people in the past.

Now, having said that, if you feel passionately about any of the above, and would really, REALLY love to have a show on one of those subjects, let us know–we are always looking for new ideas. tell us the soapbox you would like to get on and the message you want to shout to the world.

But first, fill out the form below. It is short, and yes, we do need a valid email from you. We will not share your email, and are only collecting it as a way of communicating with you if we are interested.

Oh, one last thing–we don’t care about perfection. We care about doing. That means YOU don’t have to do everything perfectly, just be good enough to be published and don’t agree to a project unless you really want to do it. Fair enough?

Now let’s connect, and see what we can do together…

All we ask here is please be serious--we will respect what you place here.
As I said, we won't share this with others. We just need a way of reaching you.
If you aren't sure, no biggie--just describe something like what you want to do.
Free Food, Cash, Fame, Practice for my desired career. Something to alleviate the boredom of college life--be candid. We are not going to judge you except that it might help us better tailor a project for you.
What is it you think you would LOVE to get up in front of the world and shout your beliefs and views to? Do you have strong political views? Are you fiercely pro- or anti- religion? And, the reason why we are asking this is because, frankly, you might present us with a topic that makes us go, "Hey! That would be a great show! Let's see if we can make something around them on that subject."
If you already have an online video where we can see you being you, let us know here. Supply the link(s) so we can get a better feel of who you are. You can be sitting at Starbucks complaining about how your sandwich is stale--we don't care, we just want to see you being you.
For example, if you are on a Gluten Free diet, and would like to review gluten free foods, list that. If your family owns a pizzeria back home, and you feel you would make a great pizza reviewer, list that. If you just like the thought of exchanging a review for free food, be honest and list that as well. Just be honest about what you put in here is all we ask.