Cooperative Opportunities

If you have come to this page, it is probably because one of us on the NWOSBS Team saw your endeavor, and saw the opportunity to form a cooperative venture of some kind. Maybe you had a bakery we liked and saw growth potential in, maybe we saw you as a possible spokesperson for an endeavor we are considering.

It could also be something radically different than anything we could pre-describe here–when we see something that inspires us, it is usually not something we could have foreseen. Regardless, if you found this page it was probably because you were handed a business card with our QR code on it. Rest assured, we would like to meet with you, sit down, and discuss the possibility of a working relationship that will expand your business.

Now, don’t worry this is some sales pitch designed to get you to fork over your hard earned money–we don’t charge you for what we do. Instead we take a portion of the extra income we generate from revenue streams you might not have envisioned, or did not know how to implement, as our pay.

In short, just like those accident attorneys you see on TV, we only make money if we get money for you. You keep doing what you are doing–we supplement it, and take a share of the extra income.

You’ve probably already spent hundreds or thousands of hours on your venture–spend another 1-2 and come in and listen to what we are offering.

The Staff


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