NorthWest Ohio Small Business Services, Inc

Be a provider for your family by running your own business!

And yes, we will help you achieve it!

You have knowledge. You have passion. Turn those into your own business!

Everyone has interests. Everyone. Yours might be a local sporting team, teaching children at home, or cooking organic foods. The “what” isn’t as important as the fact that you like the subject, and would like to turn your passion into your full-time, profitable career.

And before you say your knowledge isn’t worth anything, let us ask you a question–how many times have you spent money on your interest? How many times have you bought magazines or perused web pages covering the subject? How many times have you been willing to pull out your credit card and pay money for something related to your interest?

Those people turned their interest into money from you–now it is your time to start your own business in that same field.

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We steer you in the right directions to maximize your profit potential. Sometimes that means focusing you in on which of your ideas we think will generate more profit for you. Sometimes it might mean pointing you in new profitable directions you didn’t see!

Web Grunt Work

You don’t REALLY want to code your own webpage, do you? Set up CAPTCHAs? Compile all receipts for tax purposes? Screen service providers?

We can do that kind of stuff. (A little secret–we actually sort of enjoy it!)

Sane fees

You know those law firms that don’t get money unless they get you even more money?

That is how we charge. Seriously, we don’t charge a dime until you start making dollars!