About Who We Are

NorthWest Ohio Small Business Services, Inc, began in 1998 as a support-staff company to other companies. We supplied support to businesses that were in need of people and basic services during periods of growth or increased activity. Since that time, we have modified our role and are now focused on limited partnerships with companies. Often this involves am entrepreneur with a good local product or service, and they wish to take it to the next level.

Or, perhaps, they have a product which could be taken to the national level with the proper marketing.

That is where we come in. We make arrangements with them so that fees and duties are spelled out, and we either market the product, or sometimes the person themselves. Sometimes we will take a product and re-brand it into a new product that we market, with the original business now operating as a wholesaler.

Life is fluid, plans need to be flexible.

If you have a product (or a very good idea) and you are fairly confident you can’t make it grow without assistance, drop us a line. We might not be interested in every idea, but we are interested in hearing every idea. And who knows, by this time next year maybe both of our companies will be doing very well working together.


Laura T. Cramer

President, NorthWest Ohio Small Business Services, INC.

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